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To disrupt, get noticed and say what you mean, with no hang-ups or inclination to conform. Sometimes all it takes is a compelling, engaging well-placed and beautifully-art-directed, brick.

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Invigorating a big traditional brand from the ground up. Print, TV, digital and radio did most of the heavy lifting.

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Harley sells trikes. The assignment was to insert a little Harley-Davidson into a Harley-Davidson.

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vandl is as much a process as a destination, a place where complex marketing problems are solved simply and elegantly.

The same old same old might be okay for most brands. But for those seeking to differentiate and enchant, the way forward requires a new map.

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Vinny Matassa is an award winning Creative Director/Art Director who can guide and implement all aspects of an advertising campaign with style and grace. Someone who can take all forms of marketing communications and pierce them together on a conceptual brand skewer.
He's a pretty good drummer too. Prefers fills instead of rolls.

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